We offer complete calibration services for various measuring instruments

Geo Informatics has core specialization in Calibration and calibration verification of equipment’s such as CMMs, VMMs, 3D Scanners and Portable Co-ordinate Measurement Machines. 

Why choose Geo Informatics for calibration services ?

Reason No 1

Being the distributor for CMM, VMM Scanners and Portable Arms, we have the capability to understand and verify these machines.

Reason No 2

We have special-purpose tools that can not only do calibration in the X and Y coordinates but also do stage-wise volumetric calibration.

Reason No 3

We use high-end technology such as Glass Grids as per latest updates in International Standards, while many other organizations are still using older Technolgies such as Glass Scales.

Reason No 4

No restriction for the equipment we do Calibration/ Verification services for regardless of the brand they belong to. We verify according to NABL standards, ISO standards, NIST standards, VDI Standard depending upon the equipment and the organization.

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