20+ Years Of Experience In 3D Scanning Services

With an experience of 20 years, Geo Informatics is one of the leading suppliers of 3D scanning and Inspection engineering services all over the country.




  1. Three Blue Light Scanners SMART scanners from Hexagon with multiple fields of views.                                                                           
  2. Two High End Romer arm PCMM with 3D scanner for doing 3D inspection as well as probing of components.                                                          
  3. Laser trackers with scanners for Inspection of large components.                                                   
  4. Hand Held Scanners for quick 3D scanning of components.                   


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Why choose 3D Inspection over Conventional Inspection ?

Not Recommended

Conventional Inspection


  • Limited to measuring conventional symmetrical profiles
  • conventional inspection systems use very limited number of points for generating profiles for inspection
  • Slow in speed and has a very complex process
  • 2D conventional methods do not have this capability excepts CMMs
  • Outdated methods
  • Time taking process

3D Inspection


  • Can inspect geometrical as well as non geometrical profiles
  • 3D Inspection uses millions of points for Inspection in one single shot making the whole process much more accurate simply by the amount of information provided.
  • Extremely fast Inspection process and is very simple
  • 3D scanning methods allow comparison against both CAD model and 2D drawing
  • Industry 4.0 oriented technology

Why GICPL is best 3D scanning service provider in India?

1)All our scanners come with the calibration certificate and are the latest 3D scanner models in the industry.

3) They can produce highly detailed and accurate 3D scanning results.

2) We choose the appropriate 3D scanner based on your project depending on component size, accuracy and expectations.

4) Latest in hardware and software technology.

Technology we use for 3D Inspection and Reverse engineering

Arm based scanners with probing from Hexagon

Hand held scanner 

Blue Light Scanner From  Hexagon

Laser tracker from Leica

Optical trackers from Metronor 

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When the user finds and object, part & component very challenging to measure using conventional measuring techniques and instruments, he opts for 3D scanning service from the local 3D scanning service providers nearby to 3D scan the object. He uses the digital data to directly create CAD design for manufacturing and other downstream applications. This 3D scanned data can also be used to be compared against a CAD model to create a comparison.

3D scanning services in India starts from 5000 rs per day to 40000 rs per day based on 3D scanning techniques service provider uses. There are also options available in the country to take a 3D scanner for daily rental to a monthly rental that starts from 10k to 40k per day based on scanners.

Geo Informatics Pvt. Ltd is the largest 3D scanning service provider in India, We have enabled 3D scanning locations all over India, where customers can walk into GICPL nearby 3D scanning service location, or courier the components to our 3D scanning service location, or courier the components to our 3D scanning centers. We also bring the 3D scanners to your place to 3D scan the objects.

No matter where you are in the country, no matter what shape and size your project is, we can bring all advanced 3D scanning service at your location. You just need to fill the form on our website 

CMM measures/extracts a 3D coordinate single point at one touch(contact type), whereas 3D scanning captures the profile using n-numbers of points project to.

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