With our coordinate measurement devices, we are present and engaged in the Aerospace, Defense, and Heavy Sectors.

Why Choose Coord3 CMM?


  • Over 35 Automatic and Manual models to choose from.  

  • Proven track record in Aerospace, Defence, Heavy, and other critical industries.  

  • Utilizes TouchDMIS Software for efficient and seamless operation.  

  • Features a user-friendly 100% simple touch interface, including the TouchCAD fast programming module.  

  • Supports both Touch and Laser Scanning Probes, providing versatility in inspection.

CMM Overview

What is there for you in this webinar ?

Takeaway No 1

How can COORDINATE MEASUREMENT MACHINES help your organization to achieve precise and accurate measurements required to your Large Parts of Aeronautical & Automotive Components in less time?

Takeaway No 2

How Geo-Informatics in collaboration with COORD3 ITALY's high-end COORDINATE MEASUREMENT MACHINES equipment could help your business to analyze metal, glass, or any large parts, and measure flatness or waviness surface metrology?

Takeaway No 3

How our equipment can meet most of your quality lab measurement needs either by the diversity of materials to be analyzed (metals, glass) or controls carried out (roughness, shape, dimensional)?

Takeaway No 4

Q/A regarding how COORDINATE MEASUREMENT MACHINES from COORD3 can help companies in measurement of large components such as Car Bodies, Aeronautical & Automotive Parts etc & how were they able to realize significant improvements in these areas.

CMM further has 3 models

coord3-Bridge-universal (2)


The “Bridge” mobile gantry structure is the optimal solution for low measurement volumes, providing an excellent cost/performance ratio with the undeniable advantage of the worktable integrated into the machine structure.



The pillar architecture of this coordinate measuring machine not only minimizes inertial errors and structural deformations, guaranteeing the achievement of excellent metrological performance even with large measurement volumes, but also allows full volume accessibility.

coord3-horiznotal-swan-si (2)


Coordinate measuring machines with horizontal arm architecture perfect for measuring components such as automotive bodies, panels, doors, car windows, dashboards, and dimensional inspection of mechanical parts such as engine blocks, gearboxes, castings, automotive and aerospace components.


TouchDMIS-PH20-All-Axis-Mode-Dynamic-min (1)

TouchDMIS represents a comprehensive dimensional metrology software package designed to deliver an exceptional user experience. It distinguishes itself with an inventive and distinct user interface, departing from the conventional Windows-style approach. By introducing contemporary touch functionality, TouchDMIS addresses the longstanding absence of modern touch-based interactions in the field of metrology.

"With our coordinate measurement devices, we are present and engaged in the Aerospace, Defense, and Heavy Sectors."

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