3D/2D Inspection Software

by Verisurf

Verisurf is a 3D Measurement Software Suite that has modules for Inspection, Reverse Engineering and automation. Geo-Informatics and Verisurf work together to provide Indian customers with powerful 3D tools, especially for the industries of aerospace, automotive and defense.

Why Verisurf ?

The biggest strength of Verisurf is its interoperability with different types of equipment. Verisurf software suite can be used to run your

  • Hand Held Scanners
  • Blue Light Scanners
  • Structures Light Scanners
  • CMMs
  • Laser trackers
  • Optical Trackers Etc

In most situations regardless of the Brands

The input of these above machines can then be used by the Verisurf software for various applications such as

  • Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Inputs to machining Software

Foundation of Verisurf Software

The Foundation of all modules of Verisurf is in their powerful CAD capabilities. The CAD capabilities of Verisurf are defined by their comprehensive NURBS surfacing and ParasolidTM solid Modelling. With their Model-associative GD&T, the user can easily visualize all the dimensions and manufacturing parameters ensuring that the communication between the Design, Quality and manufacturing departments remains seamless and intuitive.

Future Ready for Automation

All Verisurf modules are designed while keeping in mind the need to be oriented towards Industry 4.0 and automation. Verisurf comes with an SDK and an API that enables the communication of its products with other automation solutions.


Various Suites of Verisurf 3D measurement software are

Metrology Enterprise Suite

(CAD + Measure + Build + Analysis + Reverse + Automate)

Verisurf Enterprise metrology suite encompasses all modules of Verisurf including CAD, MEASURE, BUILD, ANALYSIS, REVERSE, and AUTOMATE. The software provides the capability to all sizes of organizations to complete their general workflow of 3D Inspection and analysis. The software provides one environment for all metrology-oriented needs of an organization. The Capabilities of the module Includes –

  • Full-spectrum inspection (including full CAD modeling)
  • Scan and probe data analysis, editing and management.
  • CMM programming
  • Real-time tool building
  • Reverse Engineering

The Enterprise suite includes the capability of all the suites mentioned below

CMM Programming and Inspection Suite

(CAD + Measure + Automate)

Easily create CMM programs for both your automatic and old manual machines with the Verisurf CMM Programming module. Regardless of the brand of the CMM, run all your machines on the one same software reducing the learning curve, improving the inter-operability and optimizing the manpower training requirements

Some of this Suite’s Features and benefits –

  • Easy to learn and deploy
  • Automates the quality process by creating programs for all types of CMMs
  • Ability to create CMM programs from the CAD model enabling the user to optimize the program to ensure improvement in accuracy and reduction in program execution time
  • Run CMMs with Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Zeiss, or Pantec brand controllers. Easily create reports with the Verisurf software

Inspection and Analysis Suite

(CAD + Measure + Analysis)

Verisurf’s Inspection and Analysis tools enable the generation of reports with deviations of the actual point cloud data over the CAD model. The reports can be generated on a color scale with flexible tolerance bands according to requirement of the customer

Some of this Suite’s Features and benefits –

  • Best fit options to reduce Scrap and increase conformance rates
  • Colored Reports for better visualization
  • Ability to connect to various metrology equipment such as laser trackers CMMs and Scanners
  • Quick High-Speed Alignment
  • Capability to measure all types of 2D and 3D Dimensions including GD&Ts
  • Full MBD (GD&T) annotation import

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Suite

(CAD + Measure + Reverse)

Verisurf’s 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Suite enables integration with the Scanners for the Point Cloud data collection. This Point Cloud data further then can be converted into STL files, which are then further converted into meshes and surfaces by the CAD Moeller using this suite. This process allows quick creation of CAD models for manufacturing purposes

Verisurf’s Scanning and reverse engineering suite enables –

  • Producing STL files oriented for 3D Printing
  • CAD surface generation for CNC machining
  • Develop solid CAD models
  • Generate Surface Models

Tool Building and Inspection Suite

(CAD + Measure + Build)

One of the challenges in the industry today is to get live feedback during the tool fabrication process on the deviations the physical is having in comparison to the CAD Model. Verisurf’s Tool Building and Inspection Tools, combing its CAD, Measure and BUILD modules, gives the industry a solution that gives live Inspection results with big arrows on the display to point out deviations of the actual part from the nominal, live during the Inspection ongoing on a CMM or a Laser tracker.

Some of this Suite’s Features and benefits –

  • Dynamic Build arrow shows deviation of the Actual Part Against the nominals on the CAD model
  • Color, size, and orientation indicates positional offset, magnitude, and direction from nominal of the actual part
  • Leads to reduction in amount of Hard Tooling
  • Multiple Inspection tools can be used to track the deviations of the actual part

Inspection Suite

(CAD + Measure)

Verisurf’s Inspection Suite’s CAD and Measure modules provide a cost-effective solution for entry-level inspection applications

Verisurf’s Inspection Suite is used for

  • Portable CMM arm and laser tracker data input
  • Quick and Intuitive device-to-part alignment
  • Inspect the actual part against 2D Drawings or CAD models
  • Annotate GD&T
  • Customize report in customer’s format
  • Build Inspection programs for repeated measurement of same family of parts
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