Internal Closure Gap Measurement and Management

With the WISGAP GAP MEASUREMENT TOOL, manufacturers are able to test the seal of closures in a fast and repeatable manner, allowing them to improve processes for assembly and quality control of closure performance.




Measuring Closure Static or Dynamic

Easy to Use with Quick Sensor Placement

Repeatable for Multiple Sensor Locations

Faster Problem Resolution with Better Data Quality

Optimized Door

Gap Measurement

WiseGap provides both static and dynamic measurements of doors, deck lids, hoods, and tailgates. The WiseGap system is both wireless and sensor-controlled, making it an elegant replacement for feeler gauges, clay, calipers, and mechanical gauges. Strain gauges are used by our measurement sensors to collect data, wirelessly transmit them to our portable system, and provide operator-independent results with perfect accuracy and reproducibility.



WiseGap makes the validation process on the factory floor run smoothly and efficiently thanks to its quick sensor placement and intuitive design. The system makes it easier for technicians to handle and place sensors on a wide variety of surfaces. In addition to reducing warranty claims, WiseGap also prevents and diagnoses issues related to poor fit – such as wind noise, water leakage, loose fittings and/or rattles.


Captures readings in both static and dynamic environments

Validates manufacturing consistency during pilot tests and mass production

Prevents and diagnoses wind noise, water leakage, and other fit problems

Provides more data for faster root cause analysis and issue resolution


HandHeld Gap Measuring Tool

The OmniGap, with the same technology as SealGap, is a portable on-the-spot gap checking tool that enables seal gap measurement on the shop floor. The cost-effectiveness and the portability of the equipment make it one of the most cost-effective solutions in the industry.

Some of OmniGap’s Features –

  • Quick and reliable Seal gap measurement
  • USB Data download and charging ports
  • Calibration and Reporting Software supported
  • Continuous and Single Measurement Modes


Door closing Optimization tool

OmniSlam determines the minimum closing effort required to latch a door. OmniSlam while being very operator friendly, uses its advanced analytical software to be more dependent upon the gathered data rather than the interpretation of the effort by the operator

OmniSlam support the automotive Industry with –

  • Objective Measurement of Door-Closing Effort
  • No dependence on Interpretation of the effort by the operator
  • Improved Problem Resolution
  • Root Cause Analysis of the problem
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