Industrial Scanners

Geo Informatics in association with foreign partners brings to India various different scanners suitable for application involving small precise machined parts to large Sheet metal assemblies. We recommend and provide the best solution to our customers depending upon their specific application.

Industrial Scanners

Some of the scanners we represent

Hand held scanners are very portable in nature. They are not attached to any form of base and can be used in a free form mode. Usually, these scanners require stickers to be mounted on the part but if used in conjugation with Optical or Laser trackers, even putting up these stickers can be added. They are especially useful in applications that involve the scanning of Sheet metal parts, statues I.e. Big free form non-geometric surfaces.

Key Benefits

  1. Extremely portable
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Suitable for small to medium sized parts without trackers and all sizes of parts with trackers
  4. Price effective Solution
  5. Good for applications where Scanning accuracy required is >= 70 Microns
  6. Suitable for applications such as sheet metal parts, statues, furniture etc

The biggest benefit of Laser Scanners is their portability and ease of use. The Latest Laser Scanners can achieve accuracies of as good as 50 microns. This makes them especially useful for parts medium and large in size, usually within a range of 0-5m. They are also suited for the Inspection of Plastic and Sheet metal parts on the shop floor or in the standard room. Because of their portability, Laser Scanners can be shifted from one orientation to the other enabling them to cover a large volume of Inspection.

These Laser Scanners and some of their Blue Light variants can be tracked by a Laser tracker for large object scanning or be integrated with an Absolute Romer Arm Portable CMM for small to medium sized range of Scanning.

Key Features

  1. Portable in nature
  2. Easy to use
  3. Can reach into places where it might be difficult for other scanners to reach because of its 7 Axis Degree of Freedom
  4. Can Provide a scanning accuracy of >= 50

Blue Light Scanners are best suited for applications that require the highest accuracy. These scanners provide the highest accuracy of >=30 microns These types of scanners also suit instances where there is a lot of repeat inspection, the customer can simply put the part on the rotary and the program would automatically scan the part. They are also suitable tools for reverse engineering of precision machined parts because of their superior accuracy of scanning in comparison to other scanning technologies.

Key Features

  1. Provides the highest possible accuracy of scanning of >=30 microns
  2. Suitable for Inspecting the same family and type of parts repeatedly
  3. Suitable for Inspection of Dies, machine Tools, Machined Parts, Engine Parts, medical Parts
  4. Suitable for Scanning of Small and Medium Sized Precise Parts with very high resolution
Machine -> Handheld Scanner Laser Scanner (Specifications vary when mounted on Arm or Tracker) Blue Light Scanner
Portability and Ergonomics Best Good Better
Accuracy Best Possible around 50 microns Best possible around 30 microns Best possible around 10 Microns
Suitable Part Size Medium to Large Medium to Large Small to medium
Stickers Requires stickers (Not required if used in conjugation with laser or optical tracker) Does Not require Stickers Does Not require Stickers
Best Suited for Medium to Large Sized Sheet Metal Parts. Medium to Large Sized Machined and sheet metal parts. Small to medium size Precise Machined Parts.
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