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Geo Informatics has been in the business of laser tracker Inspection for the past 10 years. With experience in inspecting parts anywhere from the size of 300m to 100m using laser trackers in the domain of aerospace, automotive, defense, and renewable energy, we have proven our capabilities to 50+ customers of this technology around the country.

Why choose Geo Informatics?

Geo Informatics is the only service provider that uses Leica AT 960 laser tracker for providing Inspection Services. Leica is the most trusted premium brand of laser trackers across the globe.

Geo Informatics is one of the only service provider that has the SMR, T-Probe and a Scanner with the laser tracker.


What accessories does Geo Informatics has for its Laser Tracker?

Geo Informatics provides the following accessories with its laser tracker –

  1. SMR – Spherically Mounted Reflector. Standard Laser tracker accessory used in applications such as levelling.
  2. Leica T Probe – Leica T Probe is perfect for probing of components and reaching areas that are not accessible by the SMR. The T probe also supports in creating features with edges for dimensions such a radiuses and diameters, GD&Ts such a Circularity, parallelism and Runouts, etc. It is the perfect tool for complex measurement on Geometric Profiles
  3. Leica Scanner – Wherever there is a profile that is nongeometric in nature and inspection needs to be done to compare the profile against the profile in the CAD model, 3D Scanners are the best solution. If a CAD model needs to be generated from the 3D point cloud data 3D scanners are the only solution.

How does Geo Informatics Price their Laser Tracker service?

Geo Informatics Prices its laser trackers either on

  1. Project bases (Hired services)
  2. Per day bases (Man and Machine Rental)

What is a Laser tracker and how does it work?

Laser Trackers measure the angles and the distance to determine the position of a point. The laser tracker shoots a continuous laser beam to a retroreflective target, spherically mounted Reflector or SMR that touches or is placed on the object which has to be measured. Using the SMR the light is reflected back to the laser tracker. Since the reflection of light is done at a 180-degree angle the light will trace back the path it came from. This information is used to find the co-ordinates in the X, Y, Z plane of the point.

This similar technology also not only extends to SMR but also to touch probes and Scanners
The Touch probes are tracked by the laser tracker using the same technology. Using the L probes and T probes it becomes possible to inspect in places that are hard to reach by using the SMR directly. It also helps in creating profiles such as circles which require multiple points to be taken on the edge

Similar Technologies also do extend to Scanners which can be tracked by the Laser tracker to generate 3D point cloud data of the part which can be the further used for either generating 3D CAD models or comparing the point cloud data with the CAD model for a color comparison report.

What is the range of our Lecia laser tracker?

Laser tracker’s accuracy and range usually depend upon the number of times the Laser tracker is shifted. Geo Informatics’ laser tracker AT 960 has the capability to measure up to 20m with SMR and 10m with probe without shifting. With shifting the range of measurement can go up to 100m.

What applications Geo Informatics has done with laser Tracker -

The applications which we have done are include –

  1. Deploying and Inspecting Fixtures in automotive assembly line
  2. Levelling of Fixtures
  3. Reverse engineering of special purpose vehicles
  4. Inspection of circularity on large sized vehicles
  5. Alignment of large subassemblies and assemblies
  6. Inspection of large turbine blades Etc

How to decide when to use a Laser tracker rather than a Portable CMM.

Geo Informatics having both the Laser Trackers and Portable CMMs have an experience that any part which exceeds the length of 4-5m is preferred inspected using a Laser tracker.

From the range of 5m up to 100m, laser trackers are the best solution.

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