Medical Industry


Geo Informatics has experience working with medical domains, from tablet tooling to medical devices we service all the applications. With about 50 medical companies using our equipment, we are one of the leading metrology and automation equipment suppliers for organizations, especially looking towards exporting their products to US and EU.

Some of our Services Oriented Solutions which we provide using our Products:

  • Inspection of Syringes
  • Inspection of Stents
  • Inspection of Catheters
  • Inspection of Tablet Tooling
  • Knee Implant Inspection
  • Inspection of Bone screws
  • Inspection of Bone plates
  • Inspection of Dental Implants
  • Inspection of Hip replacements
  • Inspection of Surgical tools
  • Inspection of Inhaler and medical pumps
  • Plastic and glass packaging Inspection
  • Inspection and reverse engineering of other types of implants
  • Online Surgical Equipment gauging
  • Online Surgical equipment dimensional Inspection
  • Online Code reading and verification
  • Online Label based verification
  • Online Contamination detection

Some of our Product oriented Solutions

Standard Room Inspection Equipment

Vision Measurement Machine

by Micro Vu

Vision Measurement Machine by Micro Vu and Geo-Informatics is capable of getting US FD 21 CFR-based IQ/OQ/PQ approval. With its capability to integrate Vision cameras, touch probes, and rotary, it provides a unique solution that supports the customer to inspect their parts within an accuracy as good as 2 microns in a method that is non-contact in nature. Geo Informatics has experience conducting the OQ/PQ for the hardware and the software of this machine. The benefit the vision sensor gives is that they can inspect dimensions that are not usually accessible by the touch probe without physically contacting the part and hence avoiding the chance of any physical damage to the part. The rotatory sensors especially help in the automatic inspection of cylindrical parts which can be automatically rotated so that the part can be Inspected. Laser Sensor can be used to inspect the parts with non-geometric profiles.

Blue light Scanners

How Blue light Scanners help in the medical industry?

  1. Inspection of non-geometrical medical devices against the CAD data to generate Inspection a report which shows a color comparison of which dimensions are in the tolerance and which dimensions are out of tolerance. This information can be used to fix the CNC or the tool leading to additional material being added or less material being added
  2. With India moving toward designing and producing tools locally to reduce its dependency on other nations, Blue light scanners are used to scan the part so that point cloud data can be generated from them. This point cloud data then further goes through surfacing and a CAD model is generated. This CAD model can then be used by the customer for producing their parts

Quality Management Systems by HighQA

Quality Management Systems by HighQA is used to do data collection of various inspection results automatically through the manufacturing process. With most Medical devices and equipment going through the process of machining it is essential that a system which collects and manages this information is in place. What Inspection manager supports the customer is in activities such as –

  • Automatic Inspection Plan generation
  • Generation of ballooned drawings
  • Collection of Inspection data from equipment such as CMM and VMM
  • Collection of Inspection Data from the machine centers via tablets and kiosks


Online Automation based tools

2D Cameras and Bar code/Other Code Verifiers by Cognex

2D Cameras by Cognex are used for various applications such as ensuring there is no dust contamination on the parts, gauging simple dimensions etc

Their 2D Code verifiers are used for reading the bar codes and other type of codes either printed on the medicinal packaging or reading or reading the codes written on the medical equipment and verifying them against the source data which is either programmed or provided by the IT department.

3D scanning Sensors by LMI 3D

3D scanning sensors mounted on the line are capable of doing dimensions inspection and gauging on the part without removing them from the line. Because this solution is an application of scanning technology, it can be used to compare the non-geometric profiles of the parts against the master. These solutions are also used by the packaging industry to verify the number of devices or packages packed in a box etc. This solution is also suitable for Ceramic packaging of medical devices.

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