Geo Informatics with its vast experience in Inspection and Reverse engineering has done projects lasting from a single day to a few months to a year on the premises of the customer itself for Scanning and Inspection Services since the beginning of its existence.

The birth of Geo-Informatics was attributed to the constant Inspection it provided to large OEMs such as TATA and Mahindra in the past and continues today to be one of the largest Inspection Metrology Service Providers in the country.

We are today privileged and thankful to be trusted and attached with customers around the industry in various domains for the activities of Site Inspection.

What do we mean by On-Site Inspection Services?

Onsite inspection services include services such as:

  • Inspection of Framing Stations
  • Deployment of fixtures on an automotive line
  • Inspection of Large Automotive Parts
  • Inspection of BIWs
  • Inspection of Finished body of a vehicle
  • Inspection of Aerostructures and Aero planes
  • Drone Inspection
  • Inspection of Tools, Moulds and Dies

These services we provide in the facility of the customer especially for parts, assemblies, fixtures and
dies which maybe immovable in nature due to their size weight or application.

What Equipment do we use for Site Inspection?

The equipment we use for Site Inspection are –

  1. Laser tracker by Leica
  2. Portable CMM with scanners by Hexagon
  3. Blue Light Scanners by Hexagon
  4. Long Range Infrared Portable CMM by Metronor
  • Has a scanning accuracy of 10-30 microns depending upon the model and the part features
  • Good for scanning precise small components from a range of 0 – 1m
  • Has a Scanning accuracy of 30 – 70 microns depending upon the machine model and the part features
  • Good for scanning mid to large size components from 2m to 5m
  • Can probe parts up to a range of 5 to 15 m in a single sitting

  • Provides an accuracy of 0.1 mm to 1mm depending upon the size of the part

  • Used to scan and probe big components up to a part size of 10m in a single shot and 80m in multiple shots
  • Can give an accuracy anywhere between 0.1 mm to 1 mm depending upon the size of the parts


What technology do we utilize for Site Inspection?

The technologies we use for Site Inspection are –

  1. Laser Scanning – Laser Scanning allows for quick and fast surface inspection on the site be it for big components, large assemblies or complex fixtures. The benefit of laser scanning is that it can function in any environment be it a standard room or a rough shopfloor. Depending upon the equipment this technology can achieve an accuracy of as good as 30-40 microns during scanning.
  2. Probing – Probing be it using a Portable CMM or a Laser tracker will always be a useful technology to inspect framing stations and big assemblies with geometrical profiles. Probing also has the capability to reach places where it would have been very difficult for other technologies to reach.
  3. Laser tracking – Laser tracking allows precision guidance of scanners and T probes ensuring even components that exceed the scale of 10 to 20 m are able to be inspected within tolerances that may reach 0.1 or 0.2 mm even with that size.
  4. Blue Light Scanning – Blue light scanning enables precise scanning of features that are nongeometrical in nature. This technology especially helps in achieving very fine accuracy of up to 10-20 microns on some non-geometrical features. Especially useful for Die scanning.
  5. Gap and Flush Measuring Equipment – Gap and Flush Measuring systems are used to measure gaps and flushes on automotive BIWs and Final assembles. The equipment uses laser to evaluate the Gap between the profiles. It is an easy-to-use hand-held tool for gap and flush inspection.

How do we price our Site Services?

We Price our Site Services in two methods –

  1. On Project Basis
  2. On a Day-to-Day basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Since all Geo Informatics Equipment are portable in nature then we can provide Site Inspection Services in any physical location of the Country. We have experience in providing these services even in remotely located government facilities and power plants.

Geo Informatics would be able to start a project within 1 day to 3 days depending upon the availability of the respective machines.

Geo Informatics has experience in doing projects in domains such as Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Electronics etc.

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