Tool & Mould


What is Tool and Mould design?

Where there is mass production of components be it in sheet metal or plastic Moulding, tools and Moulds must be designed for the same purpose.

Geo Informatics being a one stop CAD Design organization has the capability and the experience to design such precise and expensive tools.

We have done about 20 projects in the domain of Tool and Mould design and have a dedicated CAD design team which looks after this project and process.


What type of tools do we design?

  1. Progressive tools
  2. Dies
  3. Plastic Moulds

What all type of designing we do

  1. Part Design
  2. Tool Design
  3. Modification of Tool and Mould Design according to the requirement of the customer

What Software do we use for Tool Design?

Geo Informatics and its CAD modelling team have experience in handling various types of software for the purpose of tool design, We primarily use

    1. Uni- graphics (UG/ NX)
    2. Pro E (Creo)

What domains do we cover in the Process of Tool and Mould Design?

  1. Part Design
  2. Tool Design
  3. Tool and Mould Modification

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on the size, tool type, condition of the tool.

  • Non-Parametric (IGES/ STEP/ XT)
  • Parametric (UG Part file, Pro E Creo Model)
  • 2D Drawing of the Tool
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