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Geo Informatics has been serving the Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry for the past 10 years. Our high precision non-contact/ Multi-sensor Vision Measurement Machines such as Micro.Vu, USA are being used by all major manufacturers across the country for inspection of assemblies, sub-assemblies and child parts including that of mobile phones, chargers, earbuds, cameras, PCB, displays, routers, ports, connectors, semiconductors etc.

We have provided automation solutions for inline/Online inspection of such assemblies and parts in various organizations across the industry as well.

Products which are used by the EMS Industry

3D automation solutions


3D automation solutions by LMI provide sensors and machines that are not only used by industry for inline inspection of assemblies but also for picking and placing of components from one line to another during the assembly process. The advantage of 3D LMI sensors lies not only in the fact that it’s a 3D sensor that is capable of scanning the components in all the three-axis and able to measure the depth but also that it can inspect components and record speeds without the need of even a controller. Some applications of it included in the application list at the bottom of the page.

Vision Measurement Machine

Optical Measurement Machine (OMM)/ Video Measurement System (VMS)

By Micro Vu

Vision Measurement Machine by Micro Vu – The Industry of EMS requires a quick accurate inspection to be done on their parts. Not only do they have to maintain certain standards of Quality they also have to ensure the inspect a maximum number of parts in a day given the Volume.

To fill this gap, Micro Vu Vision Measurement Machines are capable of measuring not only dimensional parameters but also complex GD&Ts with a speed faster than other measurement technologies due to its nature of being non-contact. The vision Measurement Machines of MicroVu can also be integrated with other sensors such as Touch probes and non-contact lasers as well.

Micro Vu has sold more than 30,000 machines globally in this industry to from major OEMs such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, BBK electronics etc to major contract manufactures such as Lava, Foxconn etc. With more than 100 installations in EMS industry in India, Micro Vu ensures that your organization gets the most advanced product at an optimum price.

Some of the detailed applications are listed at the bottom of the page.

2D cameras

by Cognex

2D cameras by Cognex provide various tools for applications such as detecting the presence and absence of components on an assembly to inspecting surface defects on a part. Some of its detailed applications listed at the bottom of the page.

Quality Management System

by HighQA

Quality Management System by HighQA – Inspection Manager by HighQA provides applications from ballooning of 2D drawings to Inspection Plan generation to automatic collection of actual results from the shop floor to generate combined reports with nominals and the actuals. Further SPC graphs and charts can be created to generate the visual representations to ensure that the process is capable.

Laser and Structured

Light Scanners

Laser and Structured Light Scanners – Laser and Structured light scanners are used for inspection as well as design reverse engineering of non-geometric parts. It is used by Organizations to ensure they can design new components very quickly. It is also used in Inspection of Fixtures against the CAD model.


Applications Geo Informatics provides a solution for in the EMS industry:

  • Charger Assembly Inspection
  • Charger child parts inspection
  • PCB assembly inspection
  • PCB child parts Inspection
  • Mobile Phone Display Inspection
  • Camera Assembly Inspection
  • Parts presence absence detection in a manufacturing line
  • Mobile Phone final assembly inspection
  • Bar code and OCR reading on PCB
  • Solder Paste Inspection
  • PCB Inspection using Gerber data
  • PCB alignment
  • Surface Mount Device Robotic Guidance
  • Head Gimbal Robotic Assembly Guidance
  • Hub and Platter assembly robotic Guidance
  • Slider head Optical Character Recognition
  • Glue bead volume and Uniformity Inspection
  • Trackpad Flatness Inspection
  • Cell Phone Housing Hole Inspection
  • Cell Phone Glass/Bezel Gap and Flush
  • Cell Phone Camera Inspection
  • Nano Sim connector Inspection
  • Cell Phone battery Inspection
  • Cell Phone logo Inspection
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