Geo Informatics is a company that provides various Plant engineering Services in the Domain of Reverse engineering of parts for drawing and CAD model development, Inspection of Large-Sized Parts, Creation of manufacturing drawings, etc. to Plants such as Power Plants, Steel Plants, Refineries, Cement Plants, Oil and Gas, Mining Machinery, etc. The main aim of Geo-Informatics by providing these services is to enable Indian Plants to be able to develop their own spares at a cheaper cost. This also supports the make in India initiative of the Indian Government.

What are the Services that Geo Informatics Provides in the domain of Plant Engineer?

Geo Informatics Provides Services Such as –

  • Conversion of 2D drawings into 3D CAD Models & Vice Versa
  • 3D Scanning for Generation of CAD Models & 2D Drawings
  • Drawing Development from Physical Part
  • Coupling Face Mapping & Alignment
  • 2D Drawing Digitization
  • Off-Shore Scanning & Data Collection
  • Plant Layout Scanning & Reverse Engineering


What are the Advantages to the customer of the Services provided by Geo Informatics?

The advantages of Plant Engineering Services of Geo Informatics enable the customer to –

  • Be Less reliant on OEM for Spare Parts
  • Break the monopoly of OEMs for Spare parts while having an economical Alternative
  • No Compromise on Quality of Design of Parts
  • Overcome Supply bottlenecks due to Geo Political Challenges
  • One time activity and investment, once the design is made the Plant can anytime get the spare part on-demand in future

Example of drawings of Spare Parts our team made

In which all domains of Plant Engineering do Geo Informatics work in?

Geo Informatics works in Reverse Engineering, Drawing Development etc. of Parts included in Plant Engineering Domain Such as –

  • Turbines
  • Shafts
  • Blades
  • Rotors
  • Gear Profiles
  • GIMBAL Injection Assembly
  • Drive Wheel Assembly
  • Coupling Facings
  • Catenaries
  • Couplings
  • Rotor Arm Blades
  • TG Deck

Physical Part

CAD Model

Child Parts of Physical Part

CAD Model Assembly of Child Parts

Physical Part

CAD Model

Physical Part

CAD Model

Process from an Old Part to a New Part

Inputs – Physical Part

Output – 2D Drawings and 3D CAD model

The outputs which we submit to the customer are usually 2D Drawings or 3D CAD models

Via 3D Scanning -

Steps –

  • We come to you location where the physical part is with our 3D Scanner
  • We use our Scanner to digitize the part and generate a Point Cloud data of it
  • We Create CAD Models and 2D Drawing of Part from the Point Cloud Data

Via hand Measurement -

Steps –

  • Our Engineer Measures the part with first principle tools
  • On the basis of the measured dimensions, he generates a hand sketch drawing
  • The hand sketch drawing is then converted to a 2D Drawing or a CAD Model

Output Information of the CAD model we make -

Software we use for CAD Modelling –

  • Uni- graphics (UG/ NX)
  • Pro E (Creo)
  • Design – X

What would be the accuracy of the CAD Model?

Accuracy of a Cad Model depends on the application. For e.g.:

  • In tool design part is modelled with a highest accuracy of 50 – 100µ
  • For another applications accuracy of the Model is 100µm plus.

What are the types of CAD models which we can give?

We can give Parametric Models and Non-Parametric Models

They would be in –

  • Non-Parametric (IGES/ STEP/  XT)
  • Parametric (UG Part file, Pro E Creo Model) File Formats

Output Information of the 2D Drawings we make -

From the CAD model we will make 2D Manufacturing drawings which customer can use for manufacturing parts.

We use AutoCAD to generate the 2D Drawings

Providing Part material Information

We also provide the chemical composition and the material of the part required during manufacturing of the part

Sample Report –

Some of our Customers using Plant Engineering Services

Some applications we work with our customers for are

BHEL Haridwar
Scanning and Inspection of Blade Castings for Impeller.

BHEL Rudrapur
Portable CMM Inspection Services

UltraTech Cement Works Chittorgarh
3D Scanning of Turbines.

Aditya Birla Bharuch
Scanning of Turbine Parts.

Reliance Industries Limited Mumbai
Scanning and 3D CAD Modelling of Parts.

NTPC Solapur
Drawing development of spare parts.

MRPL Mangalore
3D Scanning and Modelling and 2D Drawing Creation.

Development of Manufacturing Drawing of TG Deck and Rotor

NMDC Kirandul
Scanning modeling and 2D drawing creation of spare parts with Material Testing.

Adani Raipur
Hiring of Draftsman on Contract Basis

Tata Steel
Drawing Development of Spare parts.

NTPC Muzzafarpur
Drawing Development of Spare parts & Digitization of drawings

NTPC Khalgoan

Adani Raipur
Services for Laser scanner on hiring basis for development and Digitization of drawings as well as modifications of hard copy drawings.

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