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Altimet is considered as the specialist in Surface Metrology, with prestigious International References.

Altimet as manufacturer, ensures the development, assembly, sales and maintenance of its range of instruments.


During the end of the 20th century, the study of surfaces has improved. Many areas of industrial activity are directly affected by surface metrology. The phenomena of friction, wear & tear (…) occur at the solid surface and the surface metrology play at this moment a main role in the control of mechanics components, as well as optical and electronical components.

Altisurf © range of Surface Metrology instruments combine metrology with an optical microscopy approach in a 3D mapping, with the taking of successive profiles done by scanning a point of chromatic confocal measurement or low downforce stylus.

Coming from the well-known concept of roughness in Mechanics, the deep study of “Valleys and Peaks” of the surface allows scientists and engineers to develop quality diagnostics, to functionality, aesthetics of their product or their material with a new metrological approach.

This includes new surface roughness parameters currently set up via the work of standards committees the new 3D measurement norm ISO 25 178 within the ISO International.


Altisurf Is Divided Into Different Models


With the AltiSurf© 50, you can measure samples without contact wherever you want thanks to its integrated optical sensor. This measuring profilometer, also integrable on marble in a laboratory, can easily be transported to measure in the workshop near the line or on very large parts.

Our embedded machine has found its applications in engraving measurement,texturing, polished or micro-structured surface states especially in watchmaking industries, fiduciary and laser engraving.

With the measurement mobility in workshop environment, sometimes 6 meters height in the line, with centering rollers cured to 200 ° C.

It is also compatible with many lining for an easier use.



  • Length X, Y, Z (mm): 50 × 50 × 50
  • Motorized Axis DC
  • Max Speed.: up to 30 mm/s


  • Measuring range from 100 µm to 25 mm
  • Resolution up to 5 nm
  • Acquisition Rate up to 4kHz
  • Camera definition of the measurement area


(For high reliability)
  • Rolling Rack
  • operates on battery or outlet
  • Remote control
  • Possible integration on a marble


Best-seller of the Altisurf range, this metrology station integrates the latest technology of point or line sensor, with or without contact.

Thanks to its versatility, this instrument will meet most of your measurement needs laboratory either by the diversity of materials to be analyzed (metals, glass, textile…) or controls carried out (roughness, shape, dimensional).

Our modular architecture and the several options available allow us to offer a turnkey solution for automated control in production.



  • Length X, Y , Z (mm): 100 × 100 × 100
  • Motorized DC axis
  • Flatness below 2µm over 100mm after correction
  • Max speed. : up to 40 mm/s
  • Options: Stepping 0,1 µm, 4th axis (rotation, linear)


  • Contact: mechanical probe, µ-force (resolution up to 7.5nm)
  • Non-Contact: chromatic confocal, interferometry, triangulated laser (resolution up to 0.5Nm)


With its larger dimensions and its gantry structure, the Altisurf 520 is perfect for the measurement and analysis of your large parts.

Its large measurement volume also offers the option of integrating complex fixturing (double rotary axis) or palletization of the samples for the production.



  • Length X, Y , Z (mm): 200 × 200 × 200
  • Motorized DC Axis
  • Flatness below 2 µm over 200mm after correction
  • Max speed. : up to 40 mm/s
  • Option: Stepping 0,1 µm
  • Option: double rotary axis


Multi-sensor architecture: multiple sensors can be embedded on the same station and used together.

  • Contact: Inductive probe with diamond tip, µ-force (resolution up to 7.5nm)
  • Non-Contact: chromatic confocal, interferometry, triangulated laser (resolution up to 0.5Nm)


Primarily Developed for semiconductor applications, the Altisurf 530 is also the basis for many metrology stations adapted to very specific customer needs.

Such as the Altisurf 500 and 520, it can integrate all kind of sensor and fixturing.



  • Length x, y, z (mm): 300x300x300
  • Motorized DC Axis
  • Flatness less than 2µm of 300mm after correction
  • Max Speed. : up to 40 mm/s
  • Option: Stepping 0,1 µm
  • Option: double rotary axis


  • Wide range of embeddable sensors
  • Contact: Inductive probe with diamond tip , µ-force
  • Non-contact: confocal, triangulated laser, interferometric
  • High Resolution Camera


This measuring profilo meter, initially developed in response to a specific customer need, provides a measurement volume of 600 × 600 x 600mm.

Given its size, it is able to measure a large number of references and perform several roughness measurements on the same work piece.



  • Length X, Y, Z (mm): 600 × 600 × 100
  • Motorized DC axis
  • Encoder resolution (μm): 0.5 (0.1 optional)
  • Straightness profile: up to 0.6 microns over 200 mm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Weight of parts: 15 kg
  • Maximum speed measurement: 200 mm/s


  • Wide range of sensors available
  • Contact: Inductive probe with diamond tip , µforce
  • Non-Contact: confocal, triangulated laser, interferometric
  • A high resolution camera (option)

The Altisurf 560 enables you to study the relationship between the states of surfaces and performance / qualities expected (Functionality, aspect, aging, wear, porosity, adherence.)

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