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Measuring Systems have rapidly found their way into many of the world’s aircraft and aerospace manufacturers. From large components to small components, measurement Systems are used for everything from inspecting large Moulds and castings, wing assemblies, blade edges, aerostructure sub-assemblies, engine parts etc. They are also used for the alignment of big special-purpose vehicles, components into sub assembles, jigs, fixtures etc. Not only does Geo Informatics provides such equipment but also provides various automation and quality management solutions to the industry.

Our Products based Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

For Machined Part Inspection

Vision Measurement Machine

by Micro Vu USA

Vision Measurement Machine by Micro Vu is one of the best multi-sensor machines for the inspection of precise machined components. Not only can it measure all critical GD&Ts dimensions but also inspect components with unprecedented accuracy and precision. With measuring accuracy as good as 2 microns, it is a solution preferred by aerospace companies in India. Some of our major customers in India include organizations such as Boeing itself in India.

For Aerostructures and their assemblies

Hand-Held / Blue light / Laser Scanners

Industrial Scanners are used to generate point cloud data of a physical part so that it can be compared against the CAD model, to generate a report depicting where the part is dimensionally going out of tolerance and where the part is still inside tolerance. This machine is commonly used for inspection of aerostructures as well.

Portable CMM

Potable CMM is used to inspect large-sized components and small sub-assemblies. It uses tactile probes to inspect the components against their CAD or do inspection against their 2D drawing.

The portability of this equipment combined with the accuracy it provides as well as its ability to work on the shop floor makes it the perfect choice for the aerospace industry

Laser Tracker based Precise 3D Scanning and Probing of Aerostructures

Laser trackers allow precise inspection of components within very precise tolerances. It has the capability of Inspecting parts from a size of 5m to 80m. Depending upon the size of the part it can reach accuracies of up to 20-30 microns for smaller parts and 1mm for bigger parts. They are often used for checking symmetricity of the one side of the plane to the other side of the plane, mounting the wing sub-assembly to the main assembly, positing of other sub-assemblies on the mainframe, reverse engineering of aerostructures, Aero Dynamics analysis of the plane, etc.

Leica AT960 tracks Laser Scanner and can scan large Aerostructure/Aircraft within Hours to Days. Geo Informatics does both Inspection and 3D CAD Modelling of such aircrafts.

Gap and flush measuring laser equipment

Gap and flush measuring equipment allow measuring gaps and flushes on large aerostructures. Not only can gaps and flushes be measured but also micro scratches, edges of a turbine, edge of a wing etc. can be inspected.


Other solutions

Automatic ballooning and FAI report generation by HighQA

Inspection Manager is a tool that is widely utilized in the aerospace industry for automatic Inspection plan and FAI report generation as per the standard AS9102 template and generating Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 automatically. The reports template can also be customized in many different types of formats and templates. It reduces the effort required by the inspector for generating inspection plans by 70 to 80 %. Not only does it support 2D drawings in various image formats including PDF and TIF it can also generate inspection from 3D MBD oriented CAD models.

Quality Management System by HighQA

Quality Management system allows functionalities such as automatically collecting inspection information from CMM/VMM and other digital machines to generate a report with the nominals and actuals automatically. The system can not only collect information from the standard room but also collect information from the shop floor to even generate SPC reports

Engineering Services Solutions we provide the aerospace industry with the above products:

  • 3D Inspection using 2D Drawings (2D Inspection/ Layout Inspection and CAD Model (100% Inspection/ Profile Inspection).
  • 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering (Physical Part- Scan Data- Cad Model- Part)
  • 3D Surface and Solid Modeling (Parametric as well as NON-Parametric)
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping for Metallic and Plastic Components. (SLA/SLS/FDM/3D Printing/Metal)
  • CMM Retrofit and Calibration services.
  • 3D Inspection of Fixtures, Inspection Fixtures, receiving gauges using Portable CMM.
  • Setting up the assembly line by installing fixtures, line alignment.
  • 3D Inspection of Large Stations.
  • White Light/Blue Light/Laser Scanning on Dies/Moulds and Plastic Parts. (ANY SIZE, ANY KIND)
  • High precision inspection using VMM for small and precise parts.
  • 2D to 3D and 3D to 2D, OLD/Legacy data conversion.
  • “Make in India”: we create 2D Drawings/CAD/Material Testing.
  • 3D Scanning – Inspection – Reverse Engineering from Small Gear to
  • Reverse Engineering of Weapon and Weapon Delivery Systems
  • 3D surface modeling class A and class B from Scan Data
  • CMM part programming.
  • Inspection of Large Frames.
  • 3D inspection/ Reverse Engineering of dies & Moulds.
  • Setting up of assembly/ production Lines.
  • 3D inspection of object with tight tolerance
  • 3D inspection services for 100% inspection
  • CMM retrofit services.
  • Complete Reverse Engineering of Aircraft.
  • Inspection of Various Aircraft Structures after Hard landing.
  • Reverse Engineering of Various Composite Parts.
  • 3D Inspection of Fixtures for Aircraft Assembly.
  • Alignment of Weapons / Subsystems in warship
  • Laser tracker rental and services
  • Cockpit Mapping
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