iScan Lite By API

Most Portable Handheld Scanner

iScan Lite

iScan Lite
Most Portable

Single-handed Control

• Full metal housing
iScanlite’s full metal housing provides solid protection
• Sturdy materials
Its sturdy materials ensure extraordinary durability
• Scanning with one hand
Weighted only 570 g and sized 203 × 80 × 44 mm

Remarkable Portability

iScanlite boasts a compact size and excellent portability. No matter whether in narrow spaces or under huge objects, the iScanliteportable 3D scanners can conduct 3D measurements anywhere and anytime.

Narrow-space Measuring Booster

Compared with its competitors, iScanlitehas a much shorter camera distance of 130 mm, which forms a steeper view angle to 3D scan narrow spaces.

Therefore, iScanliteis more capable of capturing accurate and complete data in hard-to-reach areas like deep grooves and ensures users capture full-field data.

Automated 3D Measurement

It can be paired with API’s automated 3D measurement system to achieve non-stop measurements.

Programmable 19.5x magnification (6.5x optical and 3x digital), non-linear optical and tabletop compensation, advanced lighting, and compatibility with parts programs make the sole the most advanced engine in its class.

Micro.Vu’s InSpec measurement software controls the SOL in addition to manual, visual and multi-sensor systems. InSpec point-and-click metering and dedicated edge detection simplify demanding measurement applications.

iScan Lite

iScan Lite

Machine Specifications

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