iScan Real By API

Color 3D Scanner

iScan Real Features

iScan-Real Color 3D Scanner

Invisible Light | Infrared |

Large Field of View (FoV)

  • Suitable for human hair 3D scanning (90% and above)
  • Invisible scanning to human eyes, more comfortable
  • Infrared 3D scanning, more user-friendly
  • Supports color restoration in high-quality
  • Larger Field of View, smoother and easier to use.
  • Suitable for scanning on medium, large-sized objects and humans

Brand-new Functions | User-friendly and Practical

  • Matcap Function
  • Seamless Switch
  • N-Point Registration
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Universal Data Format
  • Automatic Saving and Data Recovery

iScan Real Overview

iScan Real


Accuracy Scanning Area
0.100mm (Basic Accuracy)  up to 280mm X 1000mm
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