Industrial Automation is the development and deployment of technologies that allow goods and services to be produced and inspected with little or no human interaction. Many tasks that were previously performed by people are now more efficient, reliable, and/or fast because of the use of automation technologies, techniques, and procedures.

Geo Informatics has a dedicated team of Engineers, who with their experience and know-how build solutions optimum to the customer’s requirement.

Why is Automation in Quality and Manufacturing Required?

Some of the issues that we commonly find across the industry are

  1. High rejection rate because of dimension failure of parts.
  2. Very slow inspection process.
  3. Large man power requirement on shop floor for visual inspection.
  4. Not able to do 100% inspection.
  5. Process delay because of dimension & visual failures.

Automation provides a solution to all the challenges above. Automation enables all the tasks which are repeated in nature and tasks which require a high level of accuracy to be done with minimal manpower. The same manpower can then be used to do more complex value-adding activities.

All manufacturers need to balance the elements of

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Cost

Automation in quality and manufacturing helps in

  1. Increasing the levels of Quality of manufacturing by increasing the number of parts Inspected and decreasing the dependence on human interpretation of results
  2. Increasing the quality levels by reduction of chances of manipulation in the result
  3. Reduces the amount of time required for Inspection since vision and 3D sensors can Inspect a part anywhere between 10x and 1000x faster than a normal human being can
  4. Reduces the amount of time taken to move the part away from the manufacturing line
  5. Reduces the amount invested in manpower, hence decreasing the revenue cost


How can Geo Informatics help your organization with Automation?

Geo informatics provides automation solutions in the domain of dimensional/visual inspection

Our aim is to serve industry to make dimensional/visual inspection easier, faster & more productive than ever before.

We have setup a dedicated department within our company called “S.M.A.R.T”

(S-Sensors M-Measurement A-Automation R-Robotic T-Technology for future)

In our SMART department, we develop and deploy technologies that provide dimensional & Visual inspection with little or no human interaction. By using Smart solutions, we can be more efficient, reliable, and fast. We have an in-house team who have expertise in machine vision, PLC programming, Panel designing, Robot base inspection solutions etc.

We have high-end smart 3D/2D sensors for dimensional inspection and 2D vision cameras for visual defect identification. These sensors are capable of doing real-time inspection and classifying them as good or bad online

Using Automation components and these sensors we build Special Purpose Inspection Machines for Various Applications

Special Purpose Inspection Machines

Geo Informatics builds special purpose inspection machines for applications such as dimensional verification of the part on the customer’s line, OCR Reading on Parts, Sorting of good vs bad parts on basis of visual and dimensional inputs, pick and place operation etc. Our team builds such special purpose inspection machines by integrating various sensors, controllers, PLCs together with custom software. These special purpose inspection machines are designed for a special family of parts of a customer and, in comparison to standard Inspection equipment, provide capabilities to inspect a large volume of parts at a very high-speed depending upon the type of Sensor used

Please find an example of a SPM we built for one of our customers for checking dimensional and visual defects on a part

CAD Model of the SPM

Actual Assembled Machine

Subsystems of the machine

2D Vision Camera
3D Sensor
Alarm System
Rejection System

Solutions we Provide in the domain of Industrial Automation

Some of the customers we have provided our Special-Purpose Inspection Machine Solutions to

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