Industrial Trackers & Articulated Arms

Industrial Trackers and Articulated Arms are tools that are used for various Inspection and Design Reverse Engineering applications in the industry. From Inspection of child parts of Automobiles to that of 3D profiles of Aerostructures, they have proved their use in Inspecting parts of various sizes. Geo Informatics over the years has provided such equipment to various industries, especially in the domain of Defense, Aerospace and Automotive.

Industrial Trackers & Articulated Arms

Some Types of Industrial Trackers and Articulated Arms we provide are

(Part of hexagon)

Laser Trackers are equipment that are used to Inspect big Profiles. They achieve this by tracking Spherically Mounted reflectors, Probes, and Scanners with the reflection of Lasers. This technology enables the laser tracker to achieve high accuracy in the inspection of parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies that are above the size of 10m. The Six Degree of Freedom Laser trackers Provide enables an environment where the probes and the scanners can be used in any Orientation as long as they have a Line of Sight with the Laser coming out from the machine. These equipment have applications in various industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive and renewable energy.

Lecia laser trackers (from the range AT960 and above) also have the capability to be integrated with various touch probes such as the T probes and various laser and Blue light Scanners such as AS1. This integration enables accurate Probing and Scanning of Profiles that are even Large or extra-large in nature such as Aircraft, Ships, and even complete wind turbine assemblies.

While most Industrial trackers use Laser as their primary technology, Optical Trackers with Probes from Metronor use Photogrammetry and Infrared lights to do the same Probing process. The use of this technology combined with Metronor’s unique probe heads allows profiles to be measured that are not directly in the line of sight. Depending upon the customer’s technical requirement, multiple variants of Metronor Optical trackers are available which include equipment with the capability of measuring up to 2.5m and others going up to even 25 meters. Metronor optical Trackers are often used for applications Involving Profile measurements, Parallelism Measurements, Symmetricity Measurements (For example comparing LHS of a bike with the RHS), Angle Measurements, and other GD&T measurements.

Articulated Arms by Hexagon provide a 7- axis measurement capability with their Enhanced Probing and Laser Scanning technology. This 7-axis measurement technology allows the arm to move into places that cannot be easily reached by other equipment. This flexibility enables the customer to shorten the time of Inspection by inspecting the whole part without any shifting in most cases, as long as the part is within the equipment’s arm length. The ease of usage of this machine, capability to inspect profiles that are not easy to use, and a very High accuracy makes it a cost-effective solution for the industry.

Confused about which equipment to go for? Refer to the table below

Part Size \ Equipment Laser Tracker Articulated Arm Optical Tracker/CMM
Part size is less than 2.5 meters Yes (But will not be value for money) Yes (Preferred Equipment for this range) Yes (2.5 Meter Variant) (May be better than Articulated arms in some cases)
Part Size is of about 5 meters Yes (But not value for money at this size of parts) Yes (Preferred Equipment for this range) Yes (25m Variant) (Technically capable of doing Inspection without any shifting)
Part Size of 5-10 Meters Yes Yes (Can do with multiple sittings if the accuracy requirements are low) Yes (Preferred Equipment and Value for Money)
Anything above 10 Meters with Medium Levels of Accuracy Yes No Yes (Preferred Equipment and value for money)
Anything above 10 Meters with High Levels of Accuracy Yes (Preferred Equipment and value for money) No Yes, but not the best solution if the tolerance of the part is too tight
Additional Scanning Capability Yes, capable when integrated with scanners such as Absolute Scanner AS1, LAS Scanner and above Yes, capable when integrated with Absolute Scanner AS1, RS5 Scanner and above Yes, capable when procured in track scan configuration
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