Laser Scanners


Laser scanners have applications in the industry in the domains of reverse engineering and Inspection. They are primarily used for the Inspection of non-geometric free form profiles against the CAD Model. They are also used for reverse Engineering Process where they can generate the Point Cloud data of the profile which can be converted into a CAD model using the Surfacing Process.

These Laser Scanners can be Integrated with Hexagon Arm portable CMM and Hexagon Leica Laser Tracker depending upon their configurations.

They have applications in the Domain of

Assembly Inspection

Sheet Metal Parts Inspection

Tool and Die Inspection

Plastic Parts and Moulds Inspection

Their Primary Characteristics are –

  • Easy to Use
  • High Accuracy
  • Suitable for medium to large sized parts
  • Very high resolution

Laser Scanners

Types of

Laser Scanner

RS5 laser Scanner

(Integrated with Only Arms)

The RS5 Laser Scanner is a removable 3D scanner that can be mounted on the Hexagon Romer arm. It can be used in conjugation with the touch probe of the arm. The horizontal Laser and the autofocus capability of this technology enable quick scanning of the profile of the parts without compromising on accuracy.

Unique Features of the RS5 Laser Scanner

Scan Line Width

The Laser Scan line if of approximately 115mm, making the scanning process of the part quick and fast.

Light Weight and Easy Movement with Improved Ergonomics

The weight of scanner is only about 400 grams. This low weight ensures that the operator of the machine can use the scanner over a long 8-hour shift with minimal fatigue.

Live User Feedback

The 7 Axis arm comes with the OLED display, that when configured with the RS5 scanner enables the user to adjust settings and get the feedback without turning to the computer.

ISO Certification

The Equipment is certified according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D Standards.

Absolute Scanner AS1

(Integrated with both Arms and Trackers)

Hexagon AS1 is a top-of-the-line premium scanner. Unlike RS5, AS1 employs a blue laser for more accurate scanning of parts and profiles. This system can not only be mounted on a 7 Axis Romer Arm but also on a laser tracker. The scanner can also be switched from Romer arm to Laser tracker Seamlessly without any effort. What sets Hexagon AS1 out from the competition is its high data processing capability despite its very high resolution and accuracy of measurement. Not only can it be mounted on just Arms and laser trackers but also on various Robots.

Unique features of Absolute AS1 Scanner

Accuracy when used with Laser Trackers

The AS1 scanner can give a 50-micron accuracy over the complete diametrical range of 60 meters

Accuracy when used with Romer Arms

When attached with a Romer arm it can give an accuracy of as good as 43 microns

Low noise, big data

Has the capability of scanning without spraying. The scanner takes 1.2 million points/Second even on shiny surfaces

High-speed measurement

With a speed of 300 lines per second, AS1 scanners have no competition in speed of scanning of parts

Scan line

Scan width length of 150mm in comparison to that of 115mm of RS5

SHINE performance

The advanced algorithms of AS1 scanners enable the scanner to perform on all surfaces, be it black or shiny, on the default setting of exposure itself. This makes learning the scanner very easy for the machine operator.

Light movement and easy Movement with improved Ergonomics

With just 400grams of weight, Absolute AS1 scanners enable the user of the machine to be fatigue-free throughout the shift

Visual guidance

A laser-projected range finder helps to ensure the correct position of the laser to enable maximum efficiency while scanning the part

Automation ready

Capable of being integrated with robots

Cross-platform compatibility

Easly switch from integrating with laser tracker to integrating with Romer Arm without any additional effort

ISO Certification

AS1 and Absolute Arm 7-Axis system is in line with ISO 10360-8 Annex D

AS1 with AP21 unit is specified in line with ISO 10360-10

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