Micro.Vu, U.S.A., offers high precision multi sensor Vision Measurement Machine (VMM) also known as Optical Measurement Machine (OMM), Video Measurement Machine (VMM), Vision Measurement System (VMS), Video Measurement System (VMS) for fast inspection of small & medium size parts having tight tolerances and critical GD&Ts.

Micro.Vu was founded in California in the year 1957 with an aim to provide fast and accurate measurements on a variety of parts. Micro.Vu machine are known over the world for its long-life even spanning on average up to 20-25 years.

Till now there are 40,000+ Micro.Vu machine installations worldwide out of which GICPL itself installed 350+ machines in India in industries like automotive, manufacturing, defense, electronics and semi-conductor.

Micro.Vu Machines We Offer in India


315 x 315 x 250
Max range (mm)
Capacity (Kg)

SOL bridges the gap between manual and automated measurement systems.


69.3 x 49.6
Range (mm)
Capacity (Kg)

One Click Instant Vision Measurement System

315 x 315 x 250
Max range (mm)
Capacity (Kg)

High speed, high accuracy and affordable measurement system

660 x 700 x 400
Max range (mm)
Capacity (Kg)

Gantry based system that measures large parts up to 2.5m

Why You Should
Choose Micro.Vu
Vision Measurement


Micro.Vu vision measurement machine is a hybrid multi sensor machine that not only comes with a 2D camera but also has the capability to integrate with sensors such as touch probes, rotary, laser distance sensor and confocal sensors.

Micro.Vu machines, unlike other VMM machines, are made ground-up from the Vision Camera-based Inspection technology, unlike other VMMs that evolved from CMMs. This enables Micro.Vu Vision Measurement Machines not only achieve a higher accuracy of Inspection but also enable measurement at high speed while at the same time remaining cost-effective in comparison to their peers. Micro.Vu’s software is one of the best metrology software for Vision Measurement Machines that blends ease of use with strong algorithms to give the best Inspection results.



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