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Geo Informatics and Metronor have been in partnership now spanning more than a decade to provide the industry with cost-effective Inspection solutions for Parts ranging from anywhere between 2.5 meters to 25 meters. With applications in industries from automotive to defense, Metronor Optical trackers and CMMs have proved their versatility and technical capability while at the same time managing to be one of the industry’s most cost-effective solutions.

Technology behind Metronor Equipment

Metronor primarily uses advanced electro-optics and Photogrammetry technology to determine the coordinates and position of points using the images taken by the camera. The images taken at various angles are superimposed on each other to find the exact location of the particular LED. On the probe, various LEDs are mounted in a pattern. Using these LED patterns, the position, as well as the orientation of the Probe, can be calculated.

Metronor Products come with the following:

  • Infrared Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Solid-state digital cameras, capable of capturing images of LEDs
  • A computer to compute and track the position of the LEDs

Optical Tracker

Various Metronor Product based Solutions

For Small volume

Metronor One

Metronor one is an optimum tool to inspect parts up to the size of 2.5 Meters. Unlike articulated arms it is not attached to any base and can be freely moved across and over the part making it one of the easy-to-use machines for Probing Purposes.

This Probe data then can be compared against the CAD model to get the deviation of the actual from the intended nominal.

Technical Specifications

  1. Measurement volume: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5m
  2. 3D Accuracy in 15.5m3: 0.08mm

Unique Features

  1. Can be directly used on a dusty polluted shop floor, the equipment is rigid and can be used in rough situations
  2. Unlike articulated arms, it can move freely in any direction and even over and above the part
  3. It is light and can be easily held in the hand
  4. Does not require any stickers for Inspection

For Small volume

Metronor Two

Metronor Two provides the same functionality and Features but provides an accuracy of 20 + L/70 Microns. For example

A part of 500mm size would be inspected with an accuracy of 27 Microns

A part of 2m size would be inspected with an accuracy of 49 Microns

Metronor Two is the most Precise option for Measuring a component in a 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m volume. Additionally, instead of 1 camera, it has 2 cameras.

For large volume

Metronor Solo

Metronor Solo is a Portable CMM with capabilities of Measuring up to 25 meters. The Wireless probe, handheld in nature, can inspect parts up to 25 meters away from the camera in any direction as long as the probe is in the Line of Sight of the camera.

Metronor Solo has full capabilities of comparing the Co-ordinated of the points against the CAD model or the 2D Drawing.

Unique Features

  1. Capability to Measure in large volume
  2. Very fast and easy to set-up with no warm-up time required, very easy to learn software
  3. The variants of its probes can go inside any hard to access areas
  4. Excellent for planarity, parallelism, flatness, aligning shafts, aligning planes, Inspection of Automotive chassis etc.
  5. Very Competitive in Price

For large volume

Metronor Duo

Metronor Duo System instead of 1 camera uses 2 separate cameras. This not only enables a broader volume of Inspection but also ensures higher accuracy of data Acquisition. This configuration of machine also enables tracking of multiple points at the same time for deformation detection. The Cameras of the machines can also be separated into two SOLO machines if faster inspection is required on the days when there is a high volume of production

This machine is capable of

  1. Measuring features such as probes, holes, edges, surfaces etc
  2. Comparing CAD model with the Data in real time to inspect normal dimensions and GD&Ts
  3. Can align and compare parts in 6 Degrees of Freedom

Metronor Track Scan

Metronor Track Scan uses a Scanner instead of a standard probe to generate point cloud data of Profiles. Since the Metronor Cameras are integrated with a scanner, the point cloud data will be stitched together as the scanner moves and scans the part. This stitched-together point cloud data then can be superimposed on a CAD model using any CAD comparison software to give the deviation of the profile of the actual part against the 3D CAD Model.

Metronor Track Scan

TrackScan Solo

Trackscan solo is good for Scanning of parts within a range of upto 6 meters from the camera. This configuration is best suited for smaller sized parts

TrackScan Duo

This Configuration of TrackScan uses two cameras. The use of cameras increases the range of scanning from 6m to 10m. Depending upon the project requirement it can be either used in a big field of view low accuracy configuration or a small field of view high accuracy configuration, making it flexible depending upon the scenario

Advantages of Metronor track Scan over a traditional scanner

  1. Unlike traditional scanners, TrackScan does not require any stickers to be put on the part
  2. This scanner has a scanning range of upto 10m, making it one of the scanners with the longest range
  3. The Inspection speed of this scanner is very fast
  4. Metronor Track Scan, unlike traditional scanners, provides deformation and multiple object tracking

Applications of Metronor Optical Trackers / CMMs

  • Jig-less tooling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototyping
  • As-built documentation
  • Tool and die inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • On-machine inspection
  • Fixture inspection
  • Deformation analysis
  • Large assembly measurement
  • Assembly alignment – in position and orientation
  • Excess material verification in casting/forging
  • On-machine alignment of parts for milling/ machining
  • Process repeatability verification
  • Root cause analysis – check tool, parts, variation and interference in single session
  • Tool building
  • Tool certification
  • Symmetricity and Parallelism verification
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