The Ultimate Manufacturing Quality Management Software

High QA Inspection Manager is an all-in-one quality management solution for the manufacturing industry that is ground-breaking and comprehensive. It helps businesses of all sizes to automate their internal quality processes and extend them to their supply chain partners, from tiny shops to giant corporations.

It doesn’t have to be tough to manage your quality processes.

Inspection Manager has all the tools you need to successfully manage your manufacturing quality process.

  • One-click auto-ballooning and bill of characteristics for 2D and 3D parts.
  • Gather and analyse inspection data results from any source.
  • Automatically generate standard (FAI, PPAP, AQL, NCR) and custom reports.
  • Store all quality plans, data and reports in an integrated centralized database.

Inspection manager


Inspection manager streamlines and automates your quality control procedures. You’ll be more efficient, productive, and successful as a result.

  • Get more information than just a pass/fail grade.
  • Automates time-consuming manual operations.
  • Reduce the number of bottlenecks in quality control.
  • Eliminate interpretation errors.
  • Develop better quality documentation.

Why you should choose Inspection manager?

Manual Process Automated process
Conventional method New method
Features Features
Cumbersome Simple
Time consuming Accurate
Inaccurate Repeatable
Inconsistent Fast
Hundreds of balloons need to be hand-drawn. Dimensions and notes need to be manually entered into a spreadsheet. Interpretation and date entry errors lead to inaccuracies in quality. Inspection manager is an efficient, automated digitized solution to balloon drawings and extract GD&T/PMI data into a useable dynamic bill of characteristics. Balloon your drawings and create bill in minutes, not hours or days.


Inspection manager


  • Reporting (FAI, PPAP)
  • Automatic dual unit (Metric/Imperial) conversion
  • Integrated BOM (bill of material)
  • Expert modules – Auto fastners, Auto welding
  • Inspection procedures
  • Inspection instruction library
  • Inspection tool assignment
  • In-process inspection plan
  • Final Inspection plan
  • Jobs & Lots management
  • Revision control
  • Inspection machine data (CMM, VMM, etc.) Results collection
  • Shop floor data collection (Bluetooth, wireless, manual)
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • APQP/FMEA automation
  • 2D drawing auto-ballooning with GD & T and PMI
  • Material & process management
  • Tool and gage management
  • Samples management
  • Manufacturing key sets
  • User access control
  • AQL based sample planning
  • Revision management for multi-page drawing
  • Part management and traceability

Infrastructure that enables Inspection Manager to function as a Complete Quality Management System

  • Centralized database driven solution
  • API for 3rd party integration
  • Task based user management
  • Enterprise security access control management
  • Encrypted communication
  • Flexible packages and licensing

How we can
help you?

High QA software solutions provide all the tools and workflows needed to ensure your products are delivered within tolerance, comply with all the applicable standards, and are made in less time with fewer mistakes.

Your demo will be customized to your needs but will generally discuss some or all the following:

  • Ballooning and preparing your parts for the quality process.
  • Planning and documenting all necessary process requirements, downstream preparations.
  • Collecting and importing real-time shop floor results from inspection machines.
  • Generating, analysing, and sharing all required reports.
  • Communicating and collaborating with your supply chain.



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